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  • Location Intelligence

    Insight = Opportunity

    Acquire, Serve and Grow Customer Relationships

    • Improve network planning and coverage availability
    • Understand population trends in key geographies
    • Optimise decision and policy making

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  • Analytics

    Insight = Profitability

    Acquire, Serve and Grow Customer Relationships

    • Target and reach new customers more cost effectively
    • Improve customer loyalty and increase account profitability
    • Retain and grow your customer base

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  • Data Management

    Insight = Efficiency

    Acquire, Serve and Grow Customer Relationships

    • Transform disparate data into actionable information
    • Identify duplicate records or relationships between records
    • Validate and correct addresses worldwide

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  • Communications Management

    Insight = Loyalty

    Acquire, Serve and Grow Customer Relationships

    • Deliver timely, relevant and personalized communications
    • Provide accuracy, accessibility and oversight at every customer touch point
    • Enhance the customer experience, consistently, across all channels

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Pitney Bowes Software

Pitney Bowes Software delivers countless opportunities to make insightful business decisions. We give you the ability to operate more effectively by better organising, sharing, evaluating and decisively acting upon customer-related, and location-centric data.

With the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for maximising the value of customer and location data, Pitney Bowes Software helps organisations more effectively locate, connect and communicate with customers in today’s global markets.


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Today’s business climate requires solutions that streamline business operations and focus on growth while making the most of your budget, staff and resources.

Pitney Bowes Software understands that you need solutions to evolving and complex real-world challenges—solutions that leverage technology and products to make your business more effective, integrated and profitable.


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Find out what some of our customers such as AOL, Sprint, the US Army, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many more, have to say about Pitney Bowes MapInfo and Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software, now Pitney Bowes Software. They have saved money and increased revenues using our solutions, products and services. Hear about how they can more effectively run their respective businesses.


Sprint, Travis Lathrop, Coverage Supervisor

We use the whole suite of products. It has helped us become a more cohesive team. We need international data, where are we going to get it? We’re going to get it from Pitney Bowes.

T-Mobile, Bob Frangooles, Manager of Engineering GIS

MapInfo provides us with a set of tools that dig in and find out – at a site level – where we will effectively serve current and new customers.

AOL LLC, Tom Wyland, Principal Network Analyst

We use Pitney Bowes MapInfo products to be able to optimise that connection and make a better user experience for our customers. I can exchange an E-mail with my MapInfo representative and I can end up talking with the Product Manager of the product…I think that’s a very valuable experience

Government/Private Sector

US Army, Dana Walker, S2

Pitney Bowes helped solve our problems by providing us with a tool that we could use to graph and represent where our target market is, the segmentation, the demographics and more importantly it gives us the opportunity to take that to our field recruiting force and illustrate where that’s coming from…

US Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service, Master Sergeant David Pierson, Production Analyst NCOIC

It’s a great company, there was great training provided, a lot of friendly people and all you have to do is tell them what you’re issue is or what your concern is and they will find a fix for it.


Fair Isaac Insurance Company, Ken Molay

Companies that have location intelligence information such as MapInfo can provide, are in a tremendous area of competitive advantage compared to those that don’t have it.

American National Insurance Company, Zeb Miller, Assistant Vice President, Health Administration, ANICO

Most of our benefits to data have come from cost reductions, better quality and enhanced workflows and processes. We feel that we made the right decision in selecting DOC1.

AVEMCO Insurance, Sharon Schroebel, Assistant Vice President, IT Department

With the Group 1 solution, we don’t send people multiple mailings and we avoid marketing to current customers or those individuals to whom we cannot sell services. Additionally, we are seeing significant savings in our marketing costs, thanks to improved efficiencies.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Charlie Witteman, Enterprise Output Support Team

Since StreamWeaver lets us manipulate print files without having to touch the core application, we can usually turn around the business user’s requests in hours or days – not weeks. Our business users love that we can make changes to an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement or get a mailing out to announce a new product quickly without getting IT involved.

Financial Services

Capital One Bank, Scott Adams, Efficiency Analyst II

MapInfo is going to be a big part of our expansion plans because it is our primary tool that we use. We feel that we are a company that strives to have top notch software with the best advantage we can possibly have and so far, we have found that to be true with the MapInfo Software.

AIM Fund Management Inc. Canada, Dean Flann, Senior Business Analyst, AIM

DOC1 has provided us with all kinds of efficiencies. DOC1 has enabled the company to have direct and instant control over changes to the design of their statements, making the process of document creation and production more streamlined and efficient.

Natural Resources

Shaun Centa, Geoscientific Systems and Data Specialist, Rio Tinto Exploration

With Compass, we offer our global users a central information portal, through which they can access data such as plans, images, documents, photos and maps in a quick and intuitive way.

Justin Weaver, GIS and Database Analyst, GHD

Discover 3D enables us to provide a high level of visualisation for our internal and external customers. With Discover 3D we’re able to display drill-hole, surfaces and mine plans in one package, making it very easy to configure and use live 3D data and create reports on-the-fly.


Hannaford Brothers, Corporation, Jonathan Albertini, GIS Analyst

My experience has been great; we have been able to make very smart, key decisions that have a lasting impact on our company and we have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars in marketing.

JC Penny, Elizabeth Picard, Area Research Project Specialist

Pitney Bowes helps us to visualise where our customers are in relation to stores, where the demographics are and they help us to know where our competitors are going. We use it throughout the entire company.

Sonic Restaurant, Johnny Jones, GIS Manager

MapInfo is a very easy product to use and can quickly tie-in information – join information – into the system and be able to analyse it in almost any way you can think of.

Blockbuster, Kara Schneider, GIS Analyst

I found it a lot easier to use, more user friendly, and easier to understand than ESRI. An all around really great tool to have! Blockbuster has a great advantage over any of the other companies that don’t use the Pitney Bowes product.

CVS, David Parenteau, Market Research Associate Analyst

Our staff has evaluated other software and basically we found out that MapInfo is flat out the best software that meets our needs. It allows us the flexibility to change things and do things on the fly. Their customer service is there and takes an active approach for us.

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